RECOVI organized a Charity Event in Bujumbura

At 13 September 2020, RECOVI organized a charity event in Bujumbura province. It was the occasion for an official sensitization against small arms proliferation. Local administration was invited as well as the local police officer with two leaders of local NGOs. The message was not only for fighting against small arms proliferation but also to the humanity for to bring back the humanism, the attitude of kindness, benevolence, love and generosity. In our milieu, millions of victims suffer from different kinds of physical, mental, moral and economic disability but regarding to what this world is capable to, in this area, only love is missing.

Then, Recovi, with its volunteers and partners assisted children and vulnerable women in that area and invited all the goodhearted people to join us in this perspective to make our world a place of hope and joy.

During this activity, sketches and different demonstrations of armed violence in the community were held for also raising awareness for the small arms control and the urge to decision makers for a peaceful and developed community.