RECOVI possède le Statut d’ECOSSOC

Welcome to RECOVI, All together for Victim Assistance

Millions of people become crime victims every year. The rights of victims are every bit as important as those of alleged criminals are, and in recent decades, governments agencies are urged to take part and establish laws to diminish violence as domestic violence, in armed violence and in armed conflict where sexual violence is often used as a tactic of war. Then to donation aims to reduce the rate of victims around the World mainly in our East African region and to change cultural norms around masculinities and guns, reduce gender-based gun violence, encourage government officials to implement a gender perspective in the development of national legislation and policies on disarmament and arms control or boost the full and effective participation of women at all levels of peace and disarmament processes. RECOVI is making an effort to guarantee and assist victims for their rights in a variety of ways by local and regional initiatives of violence prevention and of assistance to victims


I. Conflict prevention, armed and sexual violence and victims assistance

(i) Training on youth conflicts prevention ; (ii) Prevention of small arms proliferation and its related violence ; (iii) Awareness on human rights and freedom of information ; (iv) Contributing in the disarmament field ; (v) Assisting women and young victims of different violence and conflicts ; (vi) Social cohesion.

II. Youth and Women Empowerment

(i) Sensitization on Gender Based Violence Prevention ; (ii) Loan and saving for woman socio-economics’ well-being ; (iii) Entrepreneurship ; (iv) Gender equality ; (v) Farming and breeding.

III. Child Education and Rights

(i) Child’s education awareness and school material support ; (ii) Recreational activities ; (iii) Prevention of school conflict, harassment drop out and trauma.

IV. Health

(i) Supporting and training vulnerable in malnutrition ; (ii) Training on Youth Sexual and reproductive health ; (iii) Training and Sensitization on Healthy habits

V. Environmemt

(i) Contributing in village cleanliness and greenness ; (ii) Fighting against pollution and claiming on climate change ;